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Below you'll find a list of Blaze's guest appearances on studio recordings. Beside this, there are a lot of live appearances (with Doro, Disturbed and many more) which are not listed here. If you think there is a track featuring Blaze missing here, please let us know...


A Sound Of Thunder – My Disease (from „Time's Arrow“, 2013)

Adamas – Heavy Thoughts (from "Heavy Thoughts", 2015)

Aonia - Still I Rise (from „The Seven“, 2018)

Alekseyevskaya Ploshchad – Hero (Digital Single, 2013)

Art X - Knowledge And Death (from "The Redemption of Cain", 2016)

Brunno Mariante - Liar (from "Heal Or Kill, 2018)

Cerebral Fix – Smash It Up (from „Bastards“, 1991)

Chris Declercq – A Miracle Away (Digital Single, 2012)

Cris Martins' Rock Dawn – Call Of The Wild (from „Cris Martins' Rock Dawn“, 2016)

Cris Martins' Rock Dawn - Heretic (from „Cris Martins' Rock Dawn“, 2016)

Cris Martins' Rock Dawn - Witches Tower (from „Cris Martins' Rock Dawn“, 2016)

Dragonsclaw – Prophecy Is A Lie (from "Prophecy", 2011)

Enio Nicolini - King On Icy Throne (from "Heavy Sharing", 2015)

Europica – Unflagging (from „Part One", 2017)

Europica – Powder Dry (from „Part One", 2017)

Gaelbah - Black Widow (from "Haxan", 2016)

Gandalf's Fist - At The Sign Of The Aperture (from "The Clockwork Fable", 2016)

Genghis Khan – Revenge In The Shadows (from „Genghis Khan Was A Rocker“, 2013)

Ghostshift – Short Days Ago (from „Is My Enemy“, 2013)

Grimskull – Iron Eyes (from „Grimskull“, 2013)

Grossmann - Dal Is The Law (from "Music From the Graphic Novel CADEIA", 2015)

Guido Campiglio – Prisoner (digital single, 2013)

Herot - Time Machine (from „Hellucination“, 2014)

Hyperdump - No More (from "The Weak Man", 2017)

Ibridoma - Land Of Flames (from „December", 2016)

Infinita Symphonia – A Silent Hero (from „Liberation“, 2018)

John Steel - Change (from "Freedom", 2014)

John Steel - Evil Sky (from "Freedom", 2014)

John Steel - Freedom (from "Freedom", 2014)

John Steel - Nightmare (from "Freedom", 2014)

John Steel – The Crow (from "Freedom", 2014)

John Steel – The Voice Of Sorrow (from "Freedom", 2014)

John Steel - War (from "Freedom", 2014)

Lehmann – Laid So Low (from „Lehmanized“, 2013)

Lonewolf – The One You Never See (from „Army Of The Damned“, 2012)

Maiden UniteD – Futureal (from "Remembrance", 2015

Marius Danielsen - By The Dragon's Breath (from „Legend Of Valley Doom 2“, 2018)

Memorain – Last Of Light (from "Duality of Men", 2016)

Mindghost - My Last Breath (from "The Anti-Citizen", 2016)

Not Over Yet - Back To Square One (digital single, 2015)

Operation: Mindcrime - Taking On The World (from „Resurrection“, 2016)

Ouijabeard – Die And Let Live (from „Die And Let Live“, 2012)

Pino Scotto – Stone Dead Forever (from „Vuoti di memoria“, 2014)

Savage Wizdom – Let It Go (from "A New Beginning", 2014)

Seven - Freedom Call (from "Freedom Call", 2011)

Shadow Legacy – Hate Within (from „You're Going Straight To Hell“, 2014)

Sinnergod – It's A Wonderful Life (single, 2012)

Soulspell - We Got The Right (from „Helloween 30 Years Tribute“, 2015)

Soulspell – The Keepers Game (from “Hollow's Gathering“, 2012)

Soulspell - The End You'll Only Know At The End (from "The Second Big Bang", 2017)

Stage Of Reality – Warlord (from „Stage Of Reality“, 2017)

Steve Foglia – Fight For Justice (from "Steve in Wonderland", 2014)

The Almighty – Jesus Loves You ... But I Don't (from "Powertrippin', 1993)

Thomas Zwijsen – Perfect Storm (from „Nylonized“, 2014)

Thomas Zwijsen – Judgement Of Heaven (from „Nylon Maiden: Preserved in Time“, 2016)

Thomas Zwijsen – Lightning Strikes Twice (from „Nylon Metal“, 2018)

Thomas Zwijsen – Blood Brothers (from „Nylon Maiden: Preserved in Time“, 2016)

Thomas Zwijsen – Como Estais Amigos (from „Nylon Maiden: Preserved in Time“, 2016)

Thomas Zwijsen – The Clansman (from "Nylon Maiden", 2012)

Thundermaker – Judgement And Order (Single, 2014)

Trooper – Mercy Killer (from "Mercy Killer", 2012)

Vessel – Desire Disdain (from „Introspective“, 2012)

Vessel – Elements (from „Introspective“, 2012)

Vessel – Masterpiece (from „Introspective“, 2012)

Vessel – This Cage (from „Introspective“, 2012)

Vessel – Werewolf (from „Introspective“, 2012)

Vin Sinners – Open The Box (from "A Mighty Black Box", 2014)

Wolfpakk – Cry Wolf (from "Cry Wolf", 2013)

Zix – Metal Strike (from "Tides of the Final War", 2016)